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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Seat Superiority Complex

A blog from me is long overdue and I return with many stories but I would like to share something that I believe is ridiculous and have actually laughed at how strange this is:

There is an unwritten and almost unspoken order that is in place in my sector of the public school transportation system.  The only time that it is spoken of is when people mess it up.  It is the order of the people sitting in their seats.  In the ideal world that the high schoolers (10th grade+) created for themselves in their minds they wouldn't have homework, they would get up at ten o'clock, and they would have their own seats on the bus in the entire back of the bus (ah, thats the life).  Most of the time they can deal with how things are, but after sports season and SOLs begin their dreams come a little too close to reality.  There about nine of those high schoolers on my bus and we leave them the last six seats to decide how to use on their own.

The rest of us sit where we want to but usually group by grade.  I emphasize usually because there is one really annoying and stubborn kid who likes to move his seat everyday (we'll call him Sir Moves-a-lot)to (pardon) screw with everyone and make them mad.  It works. He will actually go to the back and make the lose it and they will send him back up.  Now I need to explain The Seat Superiority Complex to you so it is understood why this really makes everyone T.O.  The tenth grade+ sit in the back, the ninth/eighth graders sit a little closer to the center and the strangely numerous amount of seventh graders sit in the front along with the high schoolers who just want to find a seat and go home.  The kid who moves around is a seventh grader.

Now, it's story time!  Just last week an incident happened that have to do with our topic.  An older high schooler (maybe a Junior) came onto the bus and Sir Moves-a-lot had gone into the outskirts of the last six seats and was sitting next to a ninth grader.  The high schooler demanded the seat that they were in, it was the seventh seat back. The timid ninth grader gladly moved as she was quite persistent.  She wanted more so she told Sir Moves-a-lot to leave the seat as she wanted it to herself!  He would not move and he said to sit in the back with the other high schoolers. as there were seats there.  She said no and to move and that is when one of the ninth graders said to just sit.  Which brought her to go on a rant about how she is superior and should get her own seat.  We finally got her to deal when we explained that Sir Moves-a-lot is extremely stubborn and would not move.  Then, finally it was over.

Here is an overhead view of the seats on our bus where people sit in the afternoon (in the morning no one cares)
,    _______________________________
[~~  ||9}7}M}7}8}S}9}9}12}M}10}10 ]
[                                                                 ]

[ [KEY]                                      ]
[M: mixed seat                            ]
[#:  grade # (pair)                        ]
[~: door                                       ]
[=: bus driver                              ]
[ }: seat                                       ]
[S: Sir Moves-a-lot's normal seat]
[*: Me____________________]

T.O.: ticked off

Please give your opinion on whether or not this Complex is Heinous


Saturday, February 11, 2012

War, the United States, and the Media

Syrian rebels march in as show of strength during a demonstration in Idlib, Egypt.

Today, I got up and saw a picture much like this one on the front page of the newspaper my dad was reading.  I remember from what I had heard and seen before that Syria's leader was corrupt and did some pretty bad stuff.  This picture was strangely, how can I put it, moving to me.  These people are willing to lose their lives (and likely will) for freedom and equality.  I know this a popular theme these days, what with the "Arab Spring" last year but my first thought was 'We (the U.S.) have started a revolution once before and so have other countries many, many times; some with success and some are still at it.'

Anyway, I also realized that now the United States, unlike most countries in the middle east, has no jurisdiction in those regions. Unless you consider oil a jurisdiction, which the United States has plenty of interest in. And China and India.

What we do is invade somewhere or help someone, then leave which will just get them mad at us.  There are three reasons I find this system of doing things to not be correct:

  1. We have no business there
  2. We leave the country in ruins with them billions of dollars in debt
  3. (Super Christians skip this one) Darwin's theory of natural selection says that the weak pass on and the strong survive so and unlike a camera crew on a wild safari documentary, our government intervenes when it shouldn't.  
Another thing, the U.S. government is kind of hypocritical because it is involved in everyone's garbage and then when someone gets in our stuff we either A) can't stand it and complain to the newspapers, or  B) we decide to attack that country. That, is not correct.  A couple examples of the U.S. government's hypocrisy would be the WikiLeaks prosecution and our invasion, occupation and destruction of Iraq.

Now here is where the media comes in.  The U.S.'s foreign relationships influence newspaper articles and comic strips like this one ("Pearls Before Swine" by Stephan Pastis) below:

I like this comic but I think this specific strip went too far because I feel it was mocking the rebels.  This strip was in the paper on February fourth and obviously represents Iran because of the oil can, but it gets my point across.  The media is over influencing and seems to have its own rules and its own corrupt government.

Chaise Moi

Friday, February 10, 2012

School "Art"

In this post I would like to talk about the graffiti you will find at a public school.  It isn't gang signals or spray paint like you would find on the side of the road in New York, no, this graffiti shows how twisted the mind of a public middle school child is (I go to public school as well).  You will find graffiti of male genitalia and of swears; only the; to quote "A Christmas Story", "... F, dash, dash, dash word".  Parents who are reading let us pause for you to give your child a shocked, confused stare and wonder if it's them doing this... and we are back.

These pieces of graffiti can be found everywhere from in the restroom (that is kind of expected) to the lunch tray; I have an experience with that and is as follows:

In seventh grade about half-way through march I decided to buy lunch.  Was release from my fourth period surrounded by about 100 other kids who were being uncaged as well.  To give a mental picture of what a middle school hallway looks like from a first person point of view: you are surrounded by maybe 20 kids all trying to get to the same place as you so you are crushed, you can pick out the kids who are buying lunch because they are trying to get around everyone else.  So you are slowly inching down the hall hear bits of kids gossip like, "and she said..." and "No. Way. He did not...".  Got the basic idea?  Good. Now that is what happened all the way down the hall.

Once I reached the cafeteria I had to cram my way through the door and then the crowd broke up so I went to a lunch line.  When I was there I grabbed a milk carton and reached for the tray but stopped myself and noticed the peculiar "art" that was on the tray.  It was a etch of male genitalia and I glared at the tray in disgust.  I put it back on the pile of trays and look for a clean one.  Tray after tray had the same drawing until about the last ten trays and thats when I got a clean.  I placed my milk carton on it triumphantly and proceeded down the line so I could complain about it to my friends, after all isn't that what friends are for?

In my personal opinion the suburban school graffiti does not compare to  New York's cool, creative street art (an example to the right) -->.  These kids at public schools who think their cool because they draw an inappropriate image or word on something have no idea what they are up against and on that note, I bid you farewell.

Chaise Moi



With my first blog I would like to state my purpose for blogging.  One word, boredom.  Boredom is defined as "the state of being bored." Really? Brilliant dictionary.  It is a real pain in the @$$ because you have no idea what you will do to occupy yourself.  Attempting to entertain yourself could get you a broken bone.  I feel that this state is a moment for the idiots in life to really shine and do something so stupid that they will be known for it for quite a while.  Me?  I cope with boredom by sitting in front of the television and re-watching old episodes of "The Office" and "The Simpsons" (my parents love that).  Now I am getting guitar lessons and I don't even own a guitar and the guitar I am getting is missing a few strings so we are at Boredom level DefCon 2.

When you've hit rock bottom of this annoying phenomena you can tell, but I'll start in sequence (the key is to catch it early):
  1. Phase 1 boredom begins with you sitting around and looking for something to do; most people have experienced this
  2. Phase 2 is walking around and complaining that there is nothing to do
  3. Phase 3 is when you begin to watch TV or look at stupid videos on youtube like the following (one of my friends told me about that video, and that reminds me, I need to diagnose Phase 3 Boredom Syndrome)
  4. Phase 4 is re-watching those videos or TV episodes and that is when one is in a serious need of a hobby or just anything else to do
By the way boredom isn't all bad, it helped create some things people like for example,  the TV show "Jackass" was started by bored people and Airsoft guns were probably created by bored people not thinking correctly (I personally like Airsoft but I admit; it is pretty pointless -- more on Airsoft in a future post -- oooh something to look forward to! For both of us!).  Boredom is something in need of a cure (I bet Michelle Obama would endorse a cure on a commercial of a re-watched TV episode) but I do give it some respect for captivating more than half of America's teens.

With this new knowledge about boredom go out and fight it!
(and if you know where to find guitar strings PLEASE let me know)
Au revoir,