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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Seat Superiority Complex

A blog from me is long overdue and I return with many stories but I would like to share something that I believe is ridiculous and have actually laughed at how strange this is:

There is an unwritten and almost unspoken order that is in place in my sector of the public school transportation system.  The only time that it is spoken of is when people mess it up.  It is the order of the people sitting in their seats.  In the ideal world that the high schoolers (10th grade+) created for themselves in their minds they wouldn't have homework, they would get up at ten o'clock, and they would have their own seats on the bus in the entire back of the bus (ah, thats the life).  Most of the time they can deal with how things are, but after sports season and SOLs begin their dreams come a little too close to reality.  There about nine of those high schoolers on my bus and we leave them the last six seats to decide how to use on their own.

The rest of us sit where we want to but usually group by grade.  I emphasize usually because there is one really annoying and stubborn kid who likes to move his seat everyday (we'll call him Sir Moves-a-lot)to (pardon) screw with everyone and make them mad.  It works. He will actually go to the back and make the lose it and they will send him back up.  Now I need to explain The Seat Superiority Complex to you so it is understood why this really makes everyone T.O.  The tenth grade+ sit in the back, the ninth/eighth graders sit a little closer to the center and the strangely numerous amount of seventh graders sit in the front along with the high schoolers who just want to find a seat and go home.  The kid who moves around is a seventh grader.

Now, it's story time!  Just last week an incident happened that have to do with our topic.  An older high schooler (maybe a Junior) came onto the bus and Sir Moves-a-lot had gone into the outskirts of the last six seats and was sitting next to a ninth grader.  The high schooler demanded the seat that they were in, it was the seventh seat back. The timid ninth grader gladly moved as she was quite persistent.  She wanted more so she told Sir Moves-a-lot to leave the seat as she wanted it to herself!  He would not move and he said to sit in the back with the other high schoolers. as there were seats there.  She said no and to move and that is when one of the ninth graders said to just sit.  Which brought her to go on a rant about how she is superior and should get her own seat.  We finally got her to deal when we explained that Sir Moves-a-lot is extremely stubborn and would not move.  Then, finally it was over.

Here is an overhead view of the seats on our bus where people sit in the afternoon (in the morning no one cares)
,    _______________________________
[~~  ||9}7}M}7}8}S}9}9}12}M}10}10 ]
[                                                                 ]

[ [KEY]                                      ]
[M: mixed seat                            ]
[#:  grade # (pair)                        ]
[~: door                                       ]
[=: bus driver                              ]
[ }: seat                                       ]
[S: Sir Moves-a-lot's normal seat]
[*: Me____________________]

T.O.: ticked off

Please give your opinion on whether or not this Complex is Heinous



  1. it is most heinous. most heinous indeed. glad you're back to writing! we missed you!

  2. As someone who never got to ride the bus to school ( DC public schools - no buses!)I find this fascinating. So glad Sir-moves-a-lot stood his ground. I can't decide if it's heinous or not...Great post. Keep 'em coming!